In 1955 Mr.E Simyo Saechin   found kaolin clay in Lampang.  location in the viillage        of Pangka  in jae-hom district  of lampang  province in thailand  was good quality            and  most suitable for making ceramics crockery.  Apa E and his friends used to              make ceramics in China.  They decided to open their first Chicken Bowl factory in            Lampang     in 1957, named RuamSamakee Factory

 In 1965 Apa E opened his factory and named it Dhanabadesakul. The factory  produced mini-sauce dishes and traditional sweet cups,which were baked in the  Dragon Kiln  The museum  gran openning in 2012 will  show the beginning of  Dhanabaadee Group,Chicken bowl  and  history  of ceramics manufacturing in  lampang